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Jonathan Harriman

Jonathan Harriman has spent his entire career handling cases involving car accidents, rideshare collisions, truck crashes, bicycle accidents, pedestrian injuries, traumatic brain injury events, and defective products. Son of a nurse and an attorney, personal injury law was a natural fit for Jonathan.


Jonathan is a hard-working attorney who is committed to his clients and confronts his opposition with confidence.  As a former corporate defense attorney, he uses his experience to present personal injury claims in a way that connects with insurers and juries and maximizes his client's compensation. 

Jonathan has handled cases throughout California in state and federal courts. For Jonathan, trial preparation includes getting to know his clients and their families to help them navigate the legal process toward resolution. Jonathan has the reputation within the industry for being thorough, assertive, and tough, which typically leads to more favorable settlements. And although Jonathan does not hesitate to take a case to trial, the vast majority of his cases resolve before trial. He has successfully represented clients in hundreds of mediations.

Jonathan received his undergraduate degree from Cornell University and graduated from the University of San Francisco School of Law. He lives in Oakland with his wife and son. He is actively involved in volunteering and serves as a board member and volunteer attorney with the Coalition of Concerned Legal Professionals (CCLP) and a high school mentor with the Bar Association of San Francisco's Law Academy. In his free time, he enjoys cycling in the Oakland Hills, Mount Diablo, and the Headlands. Jonathan firmly believes that bikes are the future of urban transportation. In order for this to happen, drivers need to be educated and government must create safe spaces for bicycle commuters.

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