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Introducing Summer Intern Joie Ow

My name is Joie Ow and I’m a recent graduate of Balboa High School and an incoming freshman at the University of California, Los Angeles. During my time at Balboa High School, I was part of the Law Academy — a 2-year program that educates students through an academic curriculum involving the law and historical cases. An integral part of Law Academy was the professional skills along with real-life experiences that I gained — both of which led to an interest in law for me. Under the mentorship program, lawyers came to school every week and taught the foundational pillars of a professional job from résumé building to interviewing skills. Although I spent my junior year online, I was able to transform the skills I had into confidence as a student. Each student was assigned to a group under a mentor with Jonathan Harriman as my group’s mentor. As he discussed his personal injury field of law, it piqued my interest as a possible career.

While I am set to attend UCLA in the fall, I am considering careers in both law and business. Beyond this, I intend to fulfill my interests in law through my summer internship at Harriman Law, providing me opportunities to improve those very skills as well as knowledge that I gained from Law Academy. From drafting demand packages to reviewing discovery requests, I’ve been able to experience a glimpse of what a lawyer like Jonathan does on a daily basis to prioritize clients.

Before this internship began, I was unsure of my capabilities but knew my excitement for law was beyond my worries. Starting with the basics of what personal injury law was and what lawyers in this specialty work for, my curiosity and interest grew. Being part of the process for each client, I began to understand how Jonathan worked with them from the time they were injured to when the case is settled, attending to their worries while swiftly bringing closure. Although settlements cannot heal all wounds, it was able to partially compensate for the pain that the injured endured. Out of the compassion and positive outcomes that resulted from these cases, it drew me in as I knew I could partake in these resolutions.

As my professional career has just begun, I have all the more to learn about myself and for myself. I hope to gain more experience and confidence in my abilities as an intern through a continuous growth mindset while taking part in cases, developing impactful materials such as demand packages.

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